Advertising Campaign for Bansko Launches in Turkey


The winter resort of Bansko is beginning to advertise on CNN Turk – the Turkish representation of the American television network CNN. The promotional clips will be broadcasted starting tomorrow, February 7, until the end of March.

Bansko is entering a very serious market. Advertising clips will run five times a day, including during prime time on television," explained Malin Bistrin, Chairman of the Union of Tourism Business in Bansko, to

He declined to comment on the value of the signed contract but stated that this is a crucial step, as "it can bring a lot of visitors to Bansko very soon."

What will the Bansko ski resort advertisement be like?

The advertising clips will showcase all tourism opportunities in the Bulgarian winter resort, particularly the ski slopes. They will be aired during weather forecasts.

"All of this allows Turkish tourists to get all kinds of information about Bansko," says Bistrin.

The initiative for advertising on one of the most-watched Turkish TV channels comes from the tourism business in Bansko, the municipality, and the entire region, clarified Malin.

Last week, the Minister of Tourism of Turkey visited Bansko to sign the contract.

The entire process of negotiating the advertising campaign took about 10 days," explained Malin.

He believes that all of this, during the peak of the winter season, will bring many benefits to the city and the entire municipality.

Tourism exhibition EMITT

Today marked the opening of the international tourism exhibition EMITT (East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition). Bulgaria participates with a standalone booth organized by the Ministry of Tourism, featuring a total of 10 tour operators, municipalities, and industry professionals, according to information from the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

The Istanbul exhibition is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the industry. It specializes in the East Mediterranean region and is considered one of the top five tourism exhibitions in the world. Essentially, it represents a tourism exchange for information, cooperation, destinations for tourism, and travel in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

The interest of the Turks in Bulgaria is very high. Many people visited our booth," says Malin Bistrin, who is also present at the exhibition.

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