Chief of the Commission for Consumer Protection (CPC) to tourists: Beware of currency exchange on the Black Sea coast


Sofia. Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) Chairman Dimitar Margaritov warned tourists to be extremely careful when using exchange offices on the Black Sea coast with regard to the exchange rate information provided.

In the past, the Commission has encountered unfair practices aimed at deceiving consumers - mostly Bulgarians living abroad and foreign citizens who have come to vacation in Bulgaria.

"Flags of different countries have been placed on a dashboard, which gives the impression that these are currency exchange rate, but it was actually the value of these products - for example, badges, openers, or something similar to the national flags of countries whose currencies most often are exchanged, "said Margaritov. "You are tempted to enter this site by relying on it to be a very profitable course, and then it turns out that the course is quite different. A misleading practice that is subject to a sanction, "he commented on bTV radio.

The CPC Chairman also gave recommendations to those who have not yet retained their summer holidays and plan to do so via the Internet. He warned many to be careful about traders, mostly in social networks and unfair practices in online accommodation and tourism platforms. "Do not trust the announcements, which sometimes - for a last minute reservation - say:" only two rooms "," made the reservation right away ". Make comparisons of different types of offers from different sources. Only then can you really get the best out of it and see if the performance as profitable is actually so profitable compared to other offers not necessarily announced as "the last moment", "the last free room" and so on.

Margaritov reported a tendency for decline in tourism disturbances in recent years.

"We must strive to keep it and violations become less, not heavy, not related to activity in uncategorized sites, because - although tourism is a very complex industry and can influence many factors on its development, the better the quality of the service and the less the complaints, the more serious are the growth trends of tourists. "

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