Mayor of Sozopol Panayot Reyzi is accused of having appropriated 2 million leva! His colleague from Zlatitsa with a charge of 1


The prosecutor's office has filed charges for the misappropriations of the Mayor of Zlatitsa Magdalena Ivanova and her colleague from Sozopol Panayot Reyzi on Monday. Ivanova is from the BSP, and Rezey is the mayor of GERB and has been in charge of the Maritime Community for a period of 12 years. The misappropriations are money from the budget allocated for repairs.

Разследването срещу Рейзи е за 33 ремонта на улици, сгради, детска градина и почистване на дерета в общината. Обвинен е за присвояване на 2 млн. лв.

From the evidence gathered, it is clear that from August 2014 until March 27, 2017, Reyzi has appropriated the large sum together with a municipal councilor who has not been charged yet.

With the mayor's signature, for example, money has been allocated to tackle the effects of the flood in 2014. Then torrential rains blocked the municipality. The main road Bourgas-Sozopol and many places were flooded by the downpours.

Another repair from which money was appropriated is in kindergarten. On June 1, 2016, Reyzi personally opened the renovated yard of Kindergarten "Zdravets". There is soft flooring, new climbing frames, swings and other children's facilities are installed. According to official information, the repair was carried out by the municipality of Sozopol with funds from the budget.

However, the prosecution's investigation reveals that Reyzi was using fake private contracts and invoices. The money was transferred to a person who has nothing to do with the repair firm, the prosecutor says. The state accused refuses to reveal who he is. He starts checking his relationship with the mayor.

Rayzi is at liberty against a subscription. The law provides for 10 to 20 years imprisonment in the case of proof of guilt in court, as well as confiscation of property.

Raizy's colleague from Zlatitsa Magdalena Ivanova has been charged with embezzling money under the same scheme as early as 2017.

There is money for school repair in the city, half of which are stolen.

This is the school "St. Paisii Hilendarski ". It was repaired by a municipality contract with a private company for BGN 100,000. After that Ivanova declared to the regional governor Emil Ivanov that the school had not been repaired and needed money. Because of this untrue data in the statement Ivanova received a new indictment on Monday.

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