Primorsko Municipality is a finalist for prestigious Black Sea Awards



The ceremony is on August 30 in the unique hotel museum - Anel in Sozopol.

The heart and soul of the native Black Sea Coast - Primorsko municipality, is a finalist for the fifth edition of the prestigious Black Sea Awards. The ceremony will take place on August 30 in the unique hotel museum - Art Complex Anel in Sozopol, the unique VIP Komunikation announced. Enigmatic place on wide sandy beaches that flow smoothly into azure blue and warm water, beautiful green hills, giving coolness and freshness, as well as rich cultural and social life. What more can we ask of a resort town? But the lovely Primorsko offers more. Every soul traveler can find a real challenge in the city, including impressive natural reserves, mystical ancient sanctuaries, rich history and cultural events.


The city walk is right to start from the very center, where the renovated Historical Museum, fascinating with its rich exposition, is situated. The museum is of a new type and claims to be one of the first to present its exhibits with an individual approach. The exhibition includes exhibits from the archaeological sites in the area, a rich ethnographic composition that recreates the way of life of the local population and a brief history of the town and its first settlers. It will receive up-to-date information on the historic sites of the area and the latest archaeological discoveries.

Every true adventurer will be captivated by the mystery of Begliktash, the place where the Thracians have paid tribute to nature.


Among the most important evidence for the development of the Thracian culture on the southern Black Sea coast is the megalitic sanctuary "Begliktash". It is located near Primorsko, about 4.5 km. on the way to the mouth of the Ropotamo River.

Archaeologists date Beglektash as a ritual place since II millennium BC. until the beginning of the 4th century. At that time the northern foothills of Strandja were inhabited by the Thracian tribe of Skirmiani. The sanctuary is a model for deeply worshiping its creators with nature, its natural creations, which are only shaped by a human hand, emphasizing their impressiveness and beauty. It was served by a high priest. His residence was probably located in the fortress of Valchanovo Kale, where the lion's head is located, about 2.5 km. west of Beglektash.

Only on July 27, 2019, you can watch "Beglektash in Sound and Light" - a unique audiovisual show recreating a mysterious ritual.


Tourists who appreciate the diverse cultural heritage can enjoy a truly impressive opera spectacle in the open, which simultaneously touches, excites and transits at another time. In a world of myths and mysticism, where the legend of Druid Princess Norma, translated into the most famous opera of Vincenzo Bellini, will live in the ancient Thracian sanctuary "Begliktash" on August 10, 2019. State opera performance - Burgas will be on Primorsko municipality with soloists, orchestra, people and ballet in one of its most attractive performances.


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