May 16-19, Mezdra: Welcome to the „Middle Ages Festival“


Mezdra.From 16th to 19th of May, in the Mezdra Archaeological Complex "Kaleto" will be held a Festival of medieval traditions, lifestyle and culture "Welcome to the Middle Ages". The official opening of the festival will take place at 17:30 on 16 May (Thursday). From 18.00, the objectives and activities of the Welcome to the Middle Ages Project will be presented by the mayors of Mezdra and Dobrosloveni, Romania.

The festival is co-financed by Cross Border Cooperation Program INTERREG V-A Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020, as partners in it are the municipalities of Mezdra, Bulgaria and Dobrosloveni, Romania.

Program of the Festival of Medieval Traditions, Lifestyle and Culture "Welcome to the Middle Ages":
May 16 (Thursday) 2019:
18.30 - Screenings of films from the restoration of medieval and Roman festivals held on the territory of Bulgaria and Romania;
May 17 (Friday) 2019:
15.00 - Bulgarians from the late Middle Ages - presentation of clothing and armaments;
17.30 - Rituals and lectures on the life of the early-middle-aged Bulgarians - Temporary nomadic residence (yurta), dinner with the camp participants;
19.30 - Implementation of the "FREIJA" group;
May 18 (Saturday02019:
11.00 am - Battle for the Bridge and Medieval Martial Skills;
15.00 - Young Warriors School - training youngsters and children in medieval military skills;
17.00 - Demonstrations of Medieval Battle Techniques;
19.30 - FREIJA group and KsANa group performances;
May 19 (Sunday) 2019:
11.00 am - Open-air museum, live history. Exciting medieval camps, archery, crafts and games for small and large participants before their camps represent the lives of our ancestors.

The "Welcome to the Middle Ages" project aims to improve the use of the natural and cultural heritage of the Mezdra and Dobroslovni municipalities by creating two major medieval and romanian festivals in both municipalities.
The Romanian Festival "Welcome to the Middle Ages" will take place between 22 and 25 August 2019 near the archaeological site Romula Malva in the village of Reška.

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