The Cultural Heritage of Korea Comes in Bourgas


Bourgas. On the 17th and 18th of May, the ensemble "So Young Sammulnori" will be a special guest of Bourgas at the "Days of Korea" festival. Within two days, the Korean folk ensemble will give residents and visitors of the city the opportunity to experience the rhythm of the percussion music genre Sammunori - derived from the words 사물 ("samul" - four objects) and 놀이 (nori – game, performance).

The sounds of jing (big gong), khuanggari (small gong), chongo (a drum in the form of a sand clock) and beech (oval drum) will immerse us in the traditions of the Republic of Korea related to rituals performed for fertility and grace. Each instrument embodies within itself the idea of a particular natural phenomenon: chango - rain; künguari - thunder; jing - wind; beech - clouds.

The Day of Korea event is the Pantheon Square in the Sea Garden, where in a short time you will not only be able to dive into the world of Korean folklore but also feel a part of Korea's cultural color.

The events are organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Municipality of Bourgas with the help of the Korean Foundation. The entrance is free!

* The “So Young Sammunori” Ensemble was founded in 2016 in Sofia as a Korean Private Folklore Ensemble featuring 12 instrumentalists. The ensemble was created on the occasion of the educational program for the teachers of the Korean School in Sofia and with the support of the National Academy for Korean Traditional Music, under the leadership of the conductor of the ensemble Co Young Kim - professor of Korean culture at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ".

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