Mass fight between thieving Englishmen and a group of Bulgarians in an erotic club in Bansko


Around 2:50 am yesterday at Regional Police Headquarter in Bansko was received a signal for physical fight among a group of persons in front of an erotic nightclub in Bansko ski resort.

From the immediately arrived police officers of the RU-Bansko were established and detained the persons: А.А. / 44 years old / from Sliven, S.L. / 48 years old / from Belozem, municipality Rakovski, B.H./42yo of Aheloy and four citizens of Great Britain, namely: L.S. / 27 /, D.L. / 25yo /, G.G. / 27yo / L.D. / 28yo.

Yesterday, as an accused, was attracted – L.D. / 28 years old / from Great Britain. For the time from 01:30 to 03:00 on 15.01.2019. at a nightclub in Bansko, he committed a cell phone theft, which caused damages for approximately BGN 1,500. The person has rushed the public order by slamming the showcase of a grocery store in Bansko, as a result of which he destroyed about 20 jars of liquid chocolate. L.D. has resisted in his detention, causing a slight personal injury to a police officer in the course of his duties. Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in this case.

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