Maya Ilieva sold the cult mafia hotel "Dune" in Sunny Beach


Dune Hotel Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach. The widow of Georgi Iliev-Chief, Maya, quietly got rid of the scandalous Dune Hotel in Sunny Beach. This shows a check made by the newspaper "Bulgaria Today". The deal is part of the transformation of the past-fearing VIS-2. It began about two years ago with a massive closure of companies and the sale of property inherited by the widow of the Chief. After Ilieva traded the famous brand "Vai Holding", the order of the pearl in the empire, created by her late husband, came along. The hotel, built by the Chief, has been at the center of every scandal over overbuilding and illegal construction in Sunny Beach for years. The reason is that the boutique building with 70 rooms, a wine cellar, a restaurant, a parking lot and a swimming pool is literally lifted on the beach in the resort. Over the years, the DNSK has repeatedly declared the building illegal due to the fact that the beach is an exclusive state property. Inspectors' inspections and prosecution investigations have failed to force the Chief's widow to ruin the hotel. After a series of appeals building remained in place as a kind of symbol of the mafia transition concreted to the limit the Black Sea.

Along with the problems with the state, Maya Ilieva tried to sell the Dune Hotel several times. In 2010, the announced price is € 14 million. Two years later, the widow of the Chief has reduced the amount requested by two million. Since buyers are missing, the offer is down, and Ilieva continues to run the hotel through trusted employees, recalling people from the underworld.

Things have changed about two years ago. Without much noise, Ilieva began the closure of the Mafia Empire. The reason for the radical decision is her new boyfriend, who builds plans for migration abroad, say familiar. Ilieva's first step is to transform the former "VAI Holding", which has inherited the assets of the dreaded VIS-2. In its place were created three subsidiaries - VaiDO 17“, „VaiSM“ and „VNL 17“.

At that moment, the boutique building, together with the land under it and the equipment, was valued at BGN 14 mln, the company's financial statement shows. The tourism business itself is also going well. The accumulated profits are over one million levs. The impressive figures obviously do not reflect the cost. Instead requested once 12 mln. euros for a hotel "Dune", it falls a few dozen times, documents shows in the Commercial Register. Thus, Maya Ilieva sells his company "VNL 17" for only 100 grand, through which she has controlled the scandalous hotel until then. For short the owner of the building becomes another mafia widow. A month ago, the company and the hotel found themselves in the hands of a young lady who had just been a model. The other two subsidiaries, VaiDO 17, VaiSM, and their millionth property are reserved for Maya Ilieva. The widow of the Chief retains for herself the "Sunny Send" company, which owns the hotels "Gladiola", "Gladiola star" and "Akacia" in the resort Golden Sands.

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