"Caligula" - National Theater "Ivan Vazov"



"Camus was lonely in perceptions and ideas," said one of its researchers, "but somehow now he comes out victorious and prove that he was right. He is much more a philosopher of the present than of the past. "

More than 2,000 years after the death of Guy Caesar Germanic, better known as Caligula, can not erase his image of a cruel, extraordinary and tyrannical Roman ruler. It is bold to say that he is one of the most controversial historical figures with an extraordinary and eccentric dictatorship.

"The fatigue of ideologies gives birth to tyranny, and the need for tyranny against ideology destroys it. While there is no ideology beyond the exercise of pure power, which is synonymous with pure violence, tyranny is invisible, acceptable and invulnerable. In the play of Camus Caligula he is a foreigner to the meticulous logic, Sisyphus of absolute power. And if the Emperor is a director with uncontrolled will, death is the premiere, to which everyone is obliged to appear. And the more amplified impulse to death at the dictator, the more his regime of governance is becoming the norm. The favorite canon. In a single dogma for the subjects. "

Diana Dobreva


Production team:

directed by Diana Dobreva

directed by Diana Dobreva

dramatist Alexander Sekulov

scenography by Nina Pashova

costumes Nina Pashova

choreography Angelina Gavrilova

music Petya Dimanova


Deyan Donkov,

Albena Stavreva, Aleksandra Vassileva, Alexander Evgeniev, Ahmed Yumer, Bilyana Petrinska, Vyara Tabakova, Deyan Angelov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Elena Petrova, Elitsa Yovcheva, Joreta Nikolova and others.

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