Burgas, 29 to 31 August: Festival of Games and Arts and Creative Workshops Burgas Handmade Market


Burgas. Artists, actors, designers and athletes from across the country will gather this weekend in Burgas for the most colorful urban event of summer 2019.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, two events will take place under the domes of Flora Burgas, united by the common idea to become a kind of arts festival. Festival games and arts and Creative Workshops Burgas Handmade Market.


With fancy games, custom workshops, good music, open air adventures, dancing and sports, we can send the last days of the summer vacation, the organizers promise. The festival is for everyone who loves nature, art, playing games, for those who want to show their creative essence.


The program of the festival and creative workshops is so diverse that anyone with artistic flair or sports spirit can find their own place for fun and expression.

Robot games, rugby meetings, rope pulling, sack jumps are just a part of the events on the first day of the festival - on Friday from 10 am to 8 pm. On Saturday, did all the little artists will be able to draw together the biggest summer picture with Rossi Chobanova. And others will enjoy Angry Birds live - a game that will appeal to both children and their parents.


Playing endlessly with the actor Krasi Haralambov, volleyball with Gergana Brunzova, summer parties with actors Alex Anmahyan and Gergana Hristova are just some of the surprises in the second festival day. And how to play "Don't be angry man", but with live figures, the organizers will show you from 5pm on Saturday. Ninja demos, solo performances, tricks and games, Dj masked party, women's soccer are included in the program for Sunday. For the final the organizers have prepared a concert with the participation of Todor Todorov, Preslava Minasyan, Jacqueline Dimitrova, Aglaya and others.


We have a place and a role for everyone - for those who like to make masks, stage costumes with their own hands, and for those who like to perform performances - dancers, artists, musicians, and for those who just want to "give one shoulder "in the name of the idea, organizers say.

The idea behind the Festival, along with Creative Workshops, is to give a platform to all those street creators and musicians who never enter the spotlight.


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