Shock for Bulgarian summer tourism! Expected official results for the Season '2019


German market with -22% less passengers at Varna airport and -38% less on the airport in Burgas this year.
Golden Sands. Catastrophic season! So you can briefly describe the expected results for Summer 2019 at the present moment. This is accurate information about the expected tourists, which is prognosis and based on requested flights and reserved seats to our airports in Varna and Burgas. The report is for tourists expected from May to October. The figures are startling as compared to the strong Season 2018 for our country.
435,930(-22%) passengers from Germany are expected to land at Varna airport, from Russia - 151,007 (-29%), from Poland - 145,389 (-25%), from Bulgaria - 118,877 (-27%). Percentages are relative to the same period last year. For the airport in our sea capital, the overall decline is -15%, which is nearly a quarter of a million tourists less. 
Bourgas Airport is expected to land 38% fewer holidaymakers from Germany - 305 725 people. Russia marks minus 19% or we will meet 438,754 people. The general report shows that a minus 5% fewer tourists will come to this airport, which last year, for the first time in its history, welcomed a traveler № 3 000 000. These are data by 25 February 2019. At the beginning of the entries of the German market drop was -30%, and now it is moving around -20 per cent.
Last year, the airports in Varna and Bourgas welcomed 5.5 million passengers. In recent years, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management, the operator of both aerospace, has delivered extremely high results. But today, Europe's tourism map has been redrawn since Germany Air's bankruptcy, Turkey's aggressive tourism policy and other factors that directly hit our tourism industry.
Against this background, hoteliers and tour operators are raving about the passive policy of changing these figures on the part of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, which still enjoys the results of the Season 2018.
In the tourist industry in northeastern Bulgaria, they resent that Angelkova has been focusing mainly on the Russian market lately.
The statistics were presented at the traditional meeting of representatives of the tourism industry at the International Hotel in Golden Sands, which marked the forecasts and novelties for 2019. The next meeting is in Burgas.

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