Boyko Borisov: There is no reason for the Pomorie detour not to be ready for the new tourist season


Boyko Borisov with a New Year's promise for the residents and guests of Pomorie

Pomorie. "For the new season the detour of the town of Pomorie should be ready, so the traffic for the resorts will not enter Burgas and tourists will have direct access."

This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in his typical style during  the inspection of the bypass of the town of Pomorie. The Prime Minister noted that everyone is talking about tourism, but the supply infrastructure is crucial, it provides fast and congestion-free travel.


The detour will be ready for the new season

According to Prime Minister Borisov, there is no reason for Pomorie's detour not to be ready for the new summer season. "The deadlines have to be observed, and you will see how much traffic will be eased," Prime Minister Borisov said. He stressed that all this was possible thanks to the good work of the country, whose gross domestic product is currently BGN 120 billion. "We are chasing 130 billion GDP, so we are also doing 4-lane highways," said Boyko Borisov. According to him, while routes like this are being built, this is not visible, and then quickly forgot what was before. The Prime Minister recalled that there were also no wastewater treatment plants on the Southern Black Sea coast.


The Burgas-Sunny Beach Road will be fully prepared in May 2020

The section, which is being inspected by Prime Minister Borisov, is about 5 kilometers long and will complete the entire extension of the Burgas-Sunny Beach Road. Other sections have already been put into service and traffic is significantly facilitated, especially in the tourist season.

The detour of Pomorie is extremely important for the region, and it is planned to be completed in May 2020. Thus, before the start of the new tourist season the Burgas-Sunny Beach road will be fully prepared and widened for the convenience and safety of the movement of travelers.

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