Over 1.2 million leva fee “noise” is collected from Bourgas airport


Over 1.2 million leva have been collected from Bourgas airport for three years. Total of all airports in the country is over 5 700 000 leva. They are spent on the depreciation costs of facilities that are already built or are being built related to ecology.

"In this connection, the procedure for choosing a noise barrier contractor between Bourgas Airport and Sarafovo is underway." The concessionaire Fraport Twin Star Management AD has a commitment of 740 000 leva as a party to the three-party contract, which also includes the Municipality of Burgas and API.

According to the estimates there is enough money collected from the ecological fee for the realization of the project. It should be done in 3 stages. General Directorate "Civil Aviation Administration" monitors the correct spending of these funds ", said Ivan Valkov, deputy from GERB - Bourgas.

He asked the Minister of Transport Rossen Zhelyazkov what the financial proceed from a noise tax (ecological) for all airports for the years 2015-2018 and for each one separately. From the Minister's answer, it is clear that for Bourgas Airport for the period 2015-2018 the revenues for the four years are BGN 1 210 367, 30 and the costs are BGN 616 967,97.

Minister Zhelyazkov explained that the concessionaire Fraport Twin Star Management AD has allocated BGN 740 000 in connection with a contract between the Municipality of Burgas, API and the concessionaire for the design and construction of a soundproofing wall. It will cover a stretch of I-9 road between the airport and Sarafovo. 19.2% of the noise charge is a concession fee paid to state institutions.

"Under the Civil Aviation Act, airports collect landing, parking, passenger and passenger baggage charges.

Two more taxes - safety and noise (ecological) - came into force in 2012, the second was made on my proposal to my colleague Emanuela Spassova. The "noise" fee covers the costs of limiting the harmful effects on the environment - noise, gas emissions, soil, water and air protection in the area of the airports, "added the Burgas deputy.

For Bourgas Airport for 2015 the revenues from the noise fee are BGN 293 520, 89 and BGN 143 491.36 have been spent. For the year 2016, the sum collected was BGN 304 364,70 and BGN 152 410,45 were used. In 2017 revenues from the ecological tax are BGN 286 962.88 compared to BGN 145 839.85. For the last year, according to data from the Ministry of Transport, the collected fee is 325,518.83, and 167,226.31 leva was spent.

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