Bourgas: Starts the above-ground construction of the modern residential building - CHANTRER Residence


Prices are extremely attractive and the location is perfect.

Ugly hole next to school "Vasil Aprilov" in Bourgas in one of the most beautiful complexes in the city - district "Br. Miladinovi" will become a luxury residential building with its own character - CHANTRER Residence.

Soon the construction of the first above-ground floors began, investors from "New Project Bourgas" Ltd. announced.

So far, the main activities have been aimed at reinforcing the foundations of the building as its height has been increased by 5 floors. The builder uses the so-called "jet grouting" system with which technology is piloted with a high degree of reliability.

On an area of 4 165 square meters will be allocated 48 260 sqm of built-up area, of which 21 300 sqm. Of built-up area, already built and representing five underground levels:

of "Level 1" will be located a large SPA center, a swimming pool with dimensions 25 m, fitness center, shops, dry cleaning, offices, cosmetic centers. The other four underground levels will be divided into three levels - garages for the residents, which will be sold to the owners in the building and one level of the parking spaces for the commercial areas - shops, offices and others.

26 960 sq. M. Of total built-up area will be divided into 18 above-ground floors, representing two floors commercial areas - food supermarket, pharmacy, cafe, offices and more. From the third to the eighteenth floor, CHANTRER Residence offers a total of 231 dwellings with areas ranging from 41 square meters to 227 square meters and breathtaking views of the beautiful bay of Bourgas. The building has two wings of five and seven floors that were missing from the first San City project. The apartments will be finished finished with "plugs" with the possibility of ordering individual projects and designer furniture. Prices are more than attractive.

The investor has also taken care of the common parts. It is set to a high standard with flooring - granite tiles, expensive plasters and glass railings.

Ivan Marev's business partner, Artem Mikhailovich Sakharov, is an entrepreneur who, together with his father, has been running a massive construction business in the Bourgas region for years. He works with corporate clients such as LUKOIL Neftochim Bourgas, Siemens and others.


The prices are from 800 euros per sqm, which is an incredibly profitable deal considering the functionality of the complex and its location - on "Demokratsiya" Blvd., meters away from the center and the Sea Garden of Bourgas. So far, deals have been concluded mainly with Bulgarians, but there are also many Russian citizens. Many of the houses have a magnificent view - the sea or the city and the lake.

The plans are for the project to finish definitively by 2022.

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