National Ballet Of Georgia "SUKHISHVILI" Arrives In Varna On December 10th


On 10 December, at 20:00, the “Sukhishvili” phenomenon will shake the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna.

"Suhishvili" is a phenomenon, an indescribable experience, a real parade of the senses. Georgia's National Ballet was born out of the talents of two amazing dancers - Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramimvili. In the distant 1945 they are one of the most popular and respected dancers in Georgia. Quite naturally, their love of dance also fueled the passion amongst them, they have been living all their lives and side by side have turned the Suhishvili ballet into one of the most successful ensembles in the world.

For the last 66 years, the National Ballet of Georgia has toured the Earth twice! They have been in over 88 countries and have left a trail in the hearts of millions of viewers. They have conquered all major cities in the world and all critics. Their talent is colossal, and the spectacle they produce on the stage is indescribable. The ballet consists of 85 men and women dancing under the accompaniment of the orchestra. The music and costumes are authentic and the dancing tells stories - stories of love, courage, honor, good and evil that intertwine in the human heart.

The world famous ballet is not the first time in Bulgaria. Upon their last arrival, they were fascinated by the culture and hospitality of the Bulgarians. Their re-tour begins on December 6th from Sofia and the National Palace of Culture. At the 7th, they will delight Plovdiv with performance in the Multifunctional Sports Hall "Kolodrom". On the 9th “Sukhishvili” will perform in the opera in Stara Zagora. Their tour in Bulgaria will end with a spectacular performance on the 10th in the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna.

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