The property of “Arapya” does not come into a protected area! The dunes of “Coral” are listed later on the cadastral map!



The property "Arapya"

In relation to the information provided in the media for cutting of trees during the construction of Arapya Camping, the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) - Bourgas has pronounced, fully respecting the environmental legislation for the approval of the Detailed Development Plan - Construction Plan, assigned for a holiday village in 2007.

In 2018, RIEW examined an investment proposal for the construction of 23 two-storey villas and service infrastructure, subjecting the proposal to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure and a Compatibility Assessment for the closest NATURA zone. The property does not come into a protected area or a NATURA 2000 protected area.

The activities for removal of long-lasting trees from the terrain are not within the competence of RIEW Bourgas. Apart from the fact that it does not fall into a NATURA or other protected area, there are no registered remarkable forests under the Biodiversity Act. Maintaining the green system and removing vegetation is within the authority of the municipality on whose territory the site is located.


Coral” Beach

Until the 2014 construction ban on “Coral” beach is dropped, there can not be built. The ban was introduced until the projects were brought into line with the Biological Diversity Act and the Environmental Protection Act. This was explained by the chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) Georgi Cholakov, in the show "This Saturday" on bTV.

"The story of the construction of Coral Beach has been developing since 2006-2007, when building permits were issued. In 2007, these permits, which are the subject of the present proceedings, were sent to the Regional Directorate for National Construction Control (RDNCC) for verification. Until now, RDNCC -Burgas has not reacted and did not accept that there is any problem with the building permit.

But by 2007, other laws were in force. There were no such requirements as currently available under the Biological Diversity Act and the Environmental Protection Act. The dunes in question, which are allegedly available, were introduced much later in the cadastral map. At the time when the building permits were issued, these territories were urbanized. Someone has not listed this dune - the cadastre or the local authority, "said the chairman of the SAC.

We are checking that this building permit from 2007 was legally issued at that time, said Cholakov.

In my practice I have had many case studies for construction on the Black Sea coast. The state has recently begun to take care of these dunes, and has recently defended its natural landmarks. The owner who has the dune must be compensated by the state as it is an exclusive state property. The state must clearly identify where it can not be built and know in advance. And entrepreneurs must have rights, "the judge said.


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