February 6th: The premiere of the movie "Pomorie - the hidden pearl"


Reverence for the traditions of the ancient settlement Anhialo - so describe the latest film in the series "World cities of Bulgaria." The premiere of the film will be held on February 6 at 18:00 in the hall of the "Prosveta 1888" Pomorie. The entrance is free.

Grace to the traditions and memory of visiting one of those places that Christ calls “Salt on Earth”. In Pomorie is the only Salt museum in Eastern Europe. It is dedicated to salt production through solar evaporation of seawater - a method known as "Ancient Anchial Technology". This is shared by the writer of the latest film about Pomorie, Alexander Perpeliev.

"Pomorie - the hidden pearl" is a joint product of Pomorie Municipality and Production House "Five Star Media Group". It will be spoken in English, Russian and Bulgarian and as part of the series "World Cities of Bulgaria" will be shown to Bulgarian and foreign audiences.

Anhialo (Greek: Anchialos) is the ancient settlement, located near the modern town of Pomorie. In ancient times, the city was located between the Greek colonies Apollonia Pontica and Messambria Pontica. The results of the archaeological excavations near Pomorie in the 1960s and 1980s, as well as the information from numerous historical texts give us grounds to assume that between 1 century BC and 4th century the city of Anhialo was larger than Apolonia and Messambria, put together.

In 79 years a cohort of Roman army led by M. Lucullus remains of winter camp near the city, from which it follows that the Anhialo were rich enough at the time. In a letter Roman poet Ovid, admire the city walls and its port. At that time, Anhialo was the capital of the Thracian aristocrat Apollo Eptakent, who ruled extensive territories in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula on behalf of the Odrys rulers.

The premiere of the film will be held on February 6 at 18:00 in the hall of the "Prosveta 1888" Pomorie. The entrance is free.

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