Airports close to Bansko


Many people are asking what airport is closest to Bansko and how to get there. Since Bansko become one of the most popular skiing resort in the Bulgaria a lot of tourists are going there for the first time. Number is increasing every year. Here we'll review some of the airports close to Bansko used by different toursits.

Sofia Airport - the nearest airport to Bansko

Sofia Airport is the main airport in Bulgaria with lots of flights from different European and non European countries. Wherever you are heading from you'll always find a flight to Sofia and then easy to organize transport to Bansko.

The distance from Sofia Airport to Bansko is only 160 km , most of it is a perfect and not busy motorway. It takes average of 2 h 30 min with moderate traffic in Sofia , and around 2 hours when there is no traffic at all. This is the airport to use if you want to save travelling time.

Plovdiv Airport - 170 km away from Bansko

Plovdiv Airport is further away from Bansko. It's quite, small and sometimes you can find a really cheap flights. At the time being there are only two flights - one with Ryanair from Stansted and one with S7 from Moscow Domodedovo.

The travel time is a little bit more in comparison Sofia Airport - Bansko. This is because of the mountain terrain which is not very easy to drive through especially in the winter.

Thessaloniki Airport - 280 km away from Bansko

Another popular airport mainly used from Greek and English tourists. Although the transfer time is 3 h 30 min and distance is much more longer, a lot of people prefer this airport as the fares are cheap. A family of 5 can save up to 500 GBP easy. Easyjet, Wizz Air and Ryanair fly to/from Thessaloniki with convenient arrival and departure times. This is a great plus for families with kids who prefer day flights.

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