What to look for before booking a taxi in Sofia


Yet, sometimes the tourists in Bulgaria happen to become easy targets of people that want to make profit from them based on the travelers’ lack of knowledge or whereabouts. Among the people that love to cheat the foreigners arriving in Bulgaria are the taxi drivers. So be careful when choosing a taxi in Sofia.
The control over the taxi companies operating in Bulgaria has tightened in recent years; however there are still illegal taxi companies to be aware of. They apply very high rates and copy the image of the ordinary taxi companies with good reputation.
So, what should the holiday-makers know and have in mind when choosing a taxi company during their stay in Sofia? As a rule, all the taxis in Bulgaria are yellow, except for a few eco taxis that are painted in a pleasant green color. Below are listed several tips that travelers can use in order to reduce the risk to meet dishonest taxi drivers while in Sofia.
Tip No 1. Always look at the tariffs.
Before you even enter a taxi car, look at the tariffs on the front window. Even if you recognize that the car is from a reputable taxi company, still it will not hurt you to look at the rates. The taxis in Sofia should have a price with a price per kilometer. It is considered appropriate to ask the driver how much you need to get the most out of you.
Tip No 2. No fixed amounts.
There are no fixed amounts to be paid for the transport from one point of the city to another. There are many different ways in which each place can be reached as well as different traffic every day.
Tip No 3. Taxi meter should start when you get in the car.
It is the duty of the taxi. In case the driver was not done that, the client could ask him to do so. Many taxi drivers understand English and those who do not will still understand the gesture.
Tip No 4. Taxi can be stopped by waving your hand.
The taxis in Sofia have certain places where they could be taken by clients. They could also be stopped anywhere in Sofia by waving a hand.
However, encountering a false taxi on the street is highly possible. The best way to get a good taxi. Always choose taxi companies in Sofia of good reputation or better use the services of BulgariaTransfer to reach from one place to another.
Tip No 5. One authorized company operating at the Airport.
There is only one authorized company that has license to operate on Sofia Airport and on the Central Bus Station. Naturally, this is the taxi company subject of most imitations, so be careful. The best way to travel around is by choosing a taxi in Sofia for a fixed price or by using the professional services, chauffeurs and vehicles of Transfer Bulgaria.


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